Shortcut – Tamil Nadu District

Tamil Nadu – Districts
1. Thanjavur District :
The each and every letter of the codeword “BRAGADISVAR KOVIL” gives important about Thanjavur district.
B – Bamini river, Bharadhanatyam
R – Rajarajan Manimandapam, Rajamanickam Pillai (Actor)
A – Appar, Arasalaru
GA – Govindarajan (Seerkali)
DI – Diyagarajar aaradhanai, Dhaarasuram pattu
S – Saraswati mahal, Sarabesvar temple
VAR – V-Vennaru, Vettaru, Veerasolanaru (Important rivers which form the alluvial plain)
Kovil – K – Kudamurti river, Kumbakonam
2. Code word to know about Namakkal District.
AIDS Patients are highly prevalent in Namakkal District and “ELISA” is one of the test used in AIDS.
The code word to know about Namakkal district is
Each and Every letter shows an important features about Namakkal Here
A – Anjaneyar Temple, Arappaleeswarar Temple, Arthanareesvarar Temple
I – Iyaru river (Originated in Kolli hills)
D – Durgam Fort
S – Siddha Caves and Soap Industry
E – Egg city
L – Lorry
I – India Cements
S – Sago Rice, Sinnamalai (hill) and Subburayan (The Ex premier of Madras)
A – Agaya gangai falls (Otherwise called as the Garden of Namakkal)

3. ERODE DISTRICT (Important exam oriented points)
V – Vellodu Sanctuary, Vijayamangalam jain temple
K – Kodivery dam, Kandathu Kali amman temple, Kangeyam Kalai, Kaveri river
A – Amutha Nadhi
T – Thalavadi hills, Triveni sangam : Turmeric city (kQ;rs; efuk;)
T – Tharapuram Kadu hanumanthaswamy temple
A – Amaravathy river
B – Bannari amman temple, Bavani river, Bavani sagar and Bakthavachalam sagar
O – Ooothukuli vennai
M – Mallika paramasivam (present Mayor of erode corporation)
A – Arudrakabaleeswarar temple
N – Narendra Devar, Noyyal river
4. Kancheepuram Distric
“Ekamparesvar Temple” is one of the famous temple in Kancheepuram district. The code word to know about Kancheepuram District is “EKAMPARESVAR”
E – Ekamparesvar Temple
K – Ealpakkam, Kamatchi amman Temple
A – Adyar River
M – Mahapalipuram, Mahavir Statue
PA – PALAR River
RES – Seiyyar River, Sunnat Jamad Masjid
V – Vedanthangal
A – Annathurai (Arignar Annar)
R – Ramanujar (Vaishnava Acharya)

Five Year Plans – Short Cuts


FIVE YEAR PLANS 🙁 Important facts from First to Eleventh five year plan)

1) FIRST FIVE YEAR PLAN (1951 -56)

Co – Communication
T – Transport

2) Second five year plan (1956 -61)


M – Mahalanobis Model
A – Atomic Energy Commission
D – Durgapur steel company, Tata Inst of Fundamental Research
R – Rourkela Steel Company, Rapid Industrialisation
A – Agriculture
S – Socialistic Pattern of Society

3) Third five year plan (1961-66)


S – Self Reliance
A – Agriculture
D – Development of Industry

5) Fifth five year plan (1974-79)

SHORTCUT : PSTM (Persons Studied in Tamil Medium)

P – Poverty Eradication
S – Self reliance
T – Twenty Point Programme
M – Minimum Need Programme

6) Sixth five year Plan (1980-85)


M – Management
A – Agriculture production
I – Industry production
L – Local Development Schemes

7) Seventh Five year plan (1985-90)

SHORTCUT : EFGH (the alphabets)

E – Employment generation
F – Foodgrain production was doubled
G – Jawahar Rozgar Yojana (1989)
H – Hindu rate of Growth

8) Eighth Five year plan (1992-97)


L – Liberalisation
P – Privatisation
G – Globalisation

9) Ninth five year plan (1997-2002)


E – Employment for Women, SC’s and ST’s
S – Seven Basic minimum service
P – Panchayat Raj Institutions, Primary Education, Public Distribution System
N – Nutrition Security

11) Eleventh five year plan (2007 -2012)


T – Telecommunicatons (2G)
E – Electricity, Environment Science
A – Anemia
C – Clean water
H – Health education
E – Environment Science
R – Rapid growth
S – Skill Development

March (2018) Month Current Affairs

March Month
1.”Nadha Dhwaja”- came recently. It is New medicine System
Scheme for Women’s day / Scheme for Minorities / NOTA
2.World Consumer Rights day?
3.Recently Tallest flag unfurled in which state
Kerala / Punjab / TN / Telangana
4.Bidya Devi Bhandari recently elected as President / PM of which Country?
5.Miss International Queen for Transgender
Ngyuen Giang / Navjout Kaur / Sirimongkolnawin / Maristela
6.PM Modi and French President inaugurated Solar plant of 50MW / 100MW /75MW /150MW
in which state – UP / Bihar / Haryana / Kerala
7.Recently Forest Fire held in Theni. In Which hills it happened?
8.”A Brief History of Time ” Science book written by Great British Writer? Who is he?
9.PM launch “Delhi END TB Summit” to eradicate TB by which year
2019 / 2022 / 2030 / NOTA
10.Coffee Board applied for GI tag for Araku valley Coffee. Araku Valley is in
Kerala / Tamilnadu / Karnataka / Jammu and Kashmir
11.World Best Airport recently given by ACI ranking. 2 Airports from India got the Best Airport Award? Which are they?
12.Recently appointed Brand Ambassador for UBER INDIA
Dhoni / Yuvaraj Singh /Saina Nehwal / Sachin
13.India’s First Coastal Policing Academy set up at
Mumbai / Vizag / Gujarat / Chennai
14.Sultan Azlan Shah Cup won by
England / Australia / India / Germany
15.Deodhar Trophy won by which team
India B / Karnataka /Himachal Pradesh / North Zone
16.US exit from TPP. How many Countries now there in CPTPP?
17.Which bank got Central Banking Award 2018
18.SUVIDHA-is Oxo Bio Degradable Sanitary Napkin. It was launched by which Ministry
Min.Women and Child / Min of Health / Min.of Rural / Min of Chemical and Fertilizers
19.UDAYAM SAKHI portal is for Women Entrepreneurship Platform. It is launched by
Min. Women and Child / NITI AAYOG /Min of Skill / Min of MSME
20.PRITZKER Prize is given for which field? recently it was got by an INDIAN? Who is he?

Shortcut – Geography

1) Topmost population states : Uttar Pradesh, Maharastra
Codeword : “UMA”
U – Uttarpradesh
Ma – Maharastra
2) Smallest population states (Decreasing Order) : Andaman and Nicobar, Dadra Nagar Haveli, Daman Diu, Lakshadweep
Codeword : “Andaal” (Mz;lhs;)
An – Andaman Nicobar
Daa – DaDaNagar Haveli, Daman Diu
L – Lakshadweep
3) The border sharing states of Bangladesh : Mizoram, Megalaya, Bengal, Assam and Tripura
Code word : “MBA”
M – Mizoram, Megalaya
B – Bengal
A – Assam
4) Narmadha River water Shared by : Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, Gujarat and Rajastan
Codeword : “MGR”
M – Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra
G – Gujarat
R – Rajastan
5) Leading Tea Producing Countries in the world
Order : China, India, Kenya and Srilanka
Codeword : C.S.K (Chennai Super Kings) and India
C – China
S – Srilanka
K – Kenya

6) Leading Onion Producing States : Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh
Codeword : MAMA
MA – Maharastra
MA – Madhya Pradesh
7. Leading Groundnut producing states in India : Gujarat, Tamilnadu
Easy way to Remember
1. GroundnuT Starts with the letter “G” – G for Gujarat
2. GroundnuT – Ends with the letter T – T for Tamilnadu
8. First three gold producing countries in the world : China, Australia and Russia
Codeword : “CAR”
C – China
A – Australia
R – Russia
9) Major Mica Producing Cuntries in the World : Brasil, Russia, America, India and Norway
Codeword : “Brain”
B – Brasil
R – Russia
A – America
I – India
N – Norway
10) Major Mica Producing States in India : Jharkhand, Andhrapradesh, Bihar, Rajastan
Codeword : J.ABIRAMI”
J – Jharkhand
A – Andhrapradesh
Bi – Bihar
R – Rajastan
Mi – Mica

Achievement of TNPSC Group II Interview (2018 ) Exam

Hearty Congrats to Our Student Miss. Elevine Sharmi (Overall mark 169.50) who got 8th Community Rank in state level and 15th Overall rank in state level in GROUP II – Interview post results. (Surely she will get Sub – Registrar or Deputy Commercial Tax officer post)
Other Rank holders are

1) Praganya ( Reg.No – 210903084 – Overall mark 161.00)
2) Vijay (Reg.No.010104184 – Overall mark 150.00)
3) Jeevanandham (Reg.No 300108113 – Overall mark 153.50)
4) Abirami (Overall mark 151.00)
4) Anand krishnan (Reg.No.010130333 – Overall mark 147.00
5) V. Prabakaran (Reg.No.280146108 – Overall mark 146.00)
6) S.Prabakaran (Reg No. 010101438 – Overall Mark – 139.00)
7) Deivendran (Reg No. 011211216 – Overall Mark – 142.00
Nearly 23 students got overall mark more than 140 so for.