Important points about the state “ARUNACHAL PRADESAM”(with SHORTCUT IDEA)


A – Agricultural based economy(80%)
R – Rajiv Gandhi University
U – Upper himalaya
N – Namdhapa National Park
A – Ajilamu dam
C – Chiyang (Named where the river brahmmaputra enters into ASOM)
H – Hamla River: Hari dance(Important form of dance)
A – Apple garden(located in the place called pomlitha)
L – Lohit river: Land of rising sun: Langamese (Tho most speaking language)

P – Puripootu festival: Parasuram temple, Pomlitha(Apple garden): Paradise of
R – Roppy dance (Important form of dance)
A – Alpine climate
D – Dhiyang river : Dwang(BUDDHIST TEMPLE): Dolomite rich state
E – E aster most state of In dai
S – Subansiri river: Salo halo festival
A – Apatani (important tribe)
M – Malinithan (புராதன ஆலயங்களின் சிதைவுகள்)