In the year 1923, the British Government established a Public Service Commission to examine the salary structure of the Indian Civil Service. The Commission was composed of four Englishmen and four Indian with Lord Lee of Fareham serving as its Chairman. The Commission also addressed the rate of Indianization of the Indian Civil Service and the Indian Police. It determined a rate which in fifteen years would make the Indian Civil Service with a fifty per cent Indian membership and the same in twenty-five years for the Indian Police.

It was left largely to the discretion of provincial Governments to recruit and exercise control over their Services, as they thought proper. As a result of the discretionary powers left to provincial Government, the Government of Madras and Punjab proposed to set up their Public Service Commissions.

The Madras Service Commission thus came into being under an Act of the Madras Legislature in 1929. Madras Presidency had the unique honour, of being the only province in India to establish the first Service Commission.

The Madras Service Commission started with three Members, including the Chairman. After re-organisation of States in 1957, several Commissions were constituted. The Madras Service Commission became Madras Public Service Commission with headquarters at Madras in the year 1957. During 1970, when the name of the State was changed into Tamil Nadu, the Madras Public Service Commission automatically became the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC).

In view of its important and impartial function, Public Service Commissions rightly find a place of pride in the Indian Constitution. Articles 16, 234, 315 to 323 deal with various functions and powers of the Public Service Commissions. The working of Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission is also regulated by Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Regulation, 1954 and the TNPSC Rules of Procedure.

Articles 316 to 319 deal with the structure of State Public Service Commissions.  Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission is headed by the Chairman and Comprises of fourteen other members, all appointed by the Governor of Tamil Nadu, in accordance with the above provisions of the Constitution of India.

TNPSC  Group I
Candidates should possess the following or its equivalent qualification…
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The Group II examinations of the TNPSC are conducted for the recruitment…
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The Group IIA examinations of the TNPSC are conducted for the recruitment…
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Selection will be made on the basis of marks obtained in the Written Examination
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Village Administrative Officer (VAO)
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Other Proffessional Services
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  1. Group I services examination
  2. Group I-a services examination
  3. Group I-b services examination
  4. CSSE -I (combined subordinate services examination – I)
  5. CSSE – II (combined subordinate services examination – II)
  6. Group IV services examination
  7. Group V-A services examination
  8. Group VI service examination
  9. Group VII service examination
  10. Group VIII service examination
  11. Combined engineering services  examination
  12. Combined engineering subordinate services examination
  13. Tamil Nadu adi-dravidar & tribal welfare subordinate service
  14. Tamil Nadu agricultural engineering subordinate service
  15. Tamil Nadu agricultural extension service
  16. Tamil Nadu agricultural marketing subordinate service
  17. Tamil Nadu agricultural service
  18. Tamil Nadu agricultural subordinate service
  19. Tamil Nadu animal husbandry service
  20. Tamil Nadu animal husbandry subordinate service
  21. Tamil Nadu architecture service
  22. Tamil Nadu boiler service
  23. Tamil Nadu co-operative subordinate service
  24. Tamil Nadu educational service
  25. Tamil Nadu educational subordinate service
  26. Tamil Nadu electrical inspectorate service
  27. Tamil Nadu employment and training service
  28. Tamil Nadu employment and training subordinate service
  29. Tamil Nadu engineering subordinate service
  30. Tamil Nadu fisheries service
  31. Tamil Nadu fisheries subordinate service
  32. Tamil Nadu forensic science service
  33. Tamil Nadu forensic science subordinate service
  34. Tamil Nadu forest subordinate service
  35. Tamil Nadu general service
  36. Tamil Nadu general subordinate service
  37. Tamil Nadu geology and mining service
  38. Tamil Nadu geology and mining subordinate service
  39. Tamil Nadu handlooms and textiles service
  40. Tamil Nadu handloomsand textiles subordinate service
  41. Tamil Nadu higher secondary educational service
  42. Tamil Nadu highways engineering subordinate service
  43. Tamil Nadu industries service
  44. Tamil Nadu industries subordinate service
  45. Tamil Nadu jail service
  46. Tamil Nadu jail subordinate service
  47. Tamil Nadu labour service
  48. Tamil Nadu medical service
  49. Tamil Nadu medical subordinate service
  50. Tamil Nadu ministerial service
  51. Tamil Nadu motor vehicles maintenance subordinate service
  52. Tamil Nadu public health service
  53. Tamil Nadu public health subordinate service
  54. Posts in tamil Nadu public service commission
  55. Tamil Nadu school educational service
  56. Tamil Nadu school educational subordinate service
  57. Tamil Nadu secretariat service
  58. Tamil Nadu social defence service
  59. Tamil Nadu social defence subordinate service
  60. Tamil Nadu state judicial service
  61. Tamil Nadu state legislativeassembly secretariatservice
  62. Tamil Nadu state treasury and accounts service
  63. Tamil Nadu stationery and printing service
  64. Tamil Nadu statistics service
  65. Tamil Nadu technical educational subordinate service
  66. Tamil Nadu town & country planning subordinate service
  67. Tamil Nadu transport service
  68. Tamil Nadu transport subordinate service
  69. Tamil Nadu judicial ministerial service
  70. TamilNadu legal educational service